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Since the dawn of the internet, millions of people have moved online to find love, an approach that in the early days had a significant amount of stigma attached but has gradually become universally mainstream and accepted as a perfectly legitimate way to pursue love and relationships. Reflecting this slow transition to respectability is a proliferation of successful websites and apps facilitating this global shift.

Traditional matchmaking has also undergone a parallel resurgence in popularity for the digital age. This resurgence is in large part underpinned by a widespread disatisfaction with all the big online brand-name services.

Many have found the quest to find meaningful relationship has frustratingly left a lot to be desired, the most common complaint undoubtedly being levelled at those people wanting to have no-strings fun while being uninterested in serious long-term commitment.

This must surely be closely followed by the often-heard complaint that people simply don't resemble their profile closely enough in reality, in terms of both appearance and personality. Moreover, there seems to be a real inability to get a true sense of somebody from their online profile - how is one's essence, their spark, communicated in templated cliche-laden descriptions?

So it is clear that conventional, historical matchmaking may hold some appeal simply as an alternative to something that hasn't worked for so many people. But what does matchmaking have to offer as a point of difference? What sets it apart?


Talk to any matchmaker and you will find without exceptionthat the process of joining a matchmaking agency is a highly selective one. There is a significant proportion of applicants who don't make the cut, so to speak. The matchmakers draw on years of practical experience to gauge whether they actually like an applicant or not. This may sound brutal but it is a simple and effective test: 'Do I actually like this person? Is this somebody I want to introduce to my valued clients paying for top-quality service?'.

The reputation and professional standing of a matchmaker (particularly in an industry with such a strong word-of-mouth tradition) is on the line. It is in their personal interest to be picky, to do their utmost to only select those truly committed to the ideals of long-term monogamous relationship.

Often there will be an introductory phone interview. If the applicant is successful at this early stage, they will advance to a face-to-face interview at the matchmaker's office. This recalls an earlier age, and is refreshingly a world way from simply going to a website, entering credit card details, and browsing potential partners with a left or right swipe (or adding them to your favorites like a pair of new shoes you may or may not purchase!).

With matchmaking, this whole part of the process is all done (mediated, officiated and orchestrated) by a matchmaker who is constantly considering compatibility possibilities from the ranks of other real clients they have met in person and spent quality time with, someone they have properly gotten to know.


The quality of people (it sounds horrible to put it this way, but it's true) is simply better through a professional matchmaking service. Their books are full of high calibre individuals earnestly looking for true and lasting love.

A client's physical appearance is commonly emphasised far less than personality in the early stages of matchmaking. In fact, match-makers often will not provide pictures before the first meeting. This is to ensure that 'dream-partner prejudices' and 'must-have characteristic lists' don't derail or sabotage the process before it can even get off the ground.

Efficiency & Results

Why not pay a seasoned professional to do the heavy-lifting for you? It can even be thought of as an investment - here a DIY analogy might be pertinent: A DIY hobbyist will likely end up wishing they had paid a professional builder to renovate their kitchen as they contemplate the time, energy and poor finish they have been left with.

Anecdotally, matchmakers will all testify to an impressively high success rate for their clients over time. The innumerable number of wedding invations they receive serving as the proof in the pudding!

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